Omnichannel: the change we are all hoping for

Written by Michael Badwi
Created: 20 February 2018

Omnichannel retail is not just the way of the future, it’s happening in the here and now, and smart businesses need to get up to speed on this trend and how to use it to deliver a customer experience that fulfills the complex needs of today’s shopper.

The importance of data integrity in warehousing

Written by William Sudding
Created: 13 February 2018

Data integrity is the difference between being able to keep promises to end customers, or running around trying to find items you were sure you had in stock.

How to prepare for a successful Warehouse Management System implementation

Written by Simon Abi Saad
Created: 06 February 2018

In this post we’ll look at various steps you can take in preparation for your warehouse management system (WMS), to help ensure that everything goes smoothly. That way you can enjoy the full benefits of your WMS right from the start.

Supply chain trends for 2018

Written by Michael Badwi
Created: 02 February 2018

2018 has arrived, and we’re looking at the supply chain trends we think we’ll see more of during the next year.

Why benchmarking your warehouse matters

Written by William Sudding
Created: 31 January 2018
Warehouse management is a complex task. Find out why benchmarking matters and how your warehousing management software can help you achieve world-class best practices in your business.

The realities of implementing a warehouse management system

Written by Michael Badwi
Created: 29 January 2018
Are you one of the companies still running the warehouse on the host system inventory module or on an outdated locator system - or even tracking materials on a spreadsheet? There's no need to raise your hand here in public, but you know who you are - and you know it is well past time to enter the 21st century and move up to what it requires to remain competitive in the marketplace. Your customers and supply chain partners probably know you need to do it, too.

6 Keys to Exceeding Expectations with Inventory Optimization Initiatives

Written by Simon Abi Saad
Created: 18 November 2017

Inventory optimization is a proven vehicle to gain competitive value through reduced buffer stock, freed-up working capital and improved service levels. Leading the inventory optimization initiative in your organization requires more than an appreciation for its enormous cost savings and customer service improvements—it helps to put in place six crucial success-drivers.

See-through Vision: Supply Chain Intelligence that Builds Business Transparency

Written by William Sudding
Created: 19 September 2017

In most companies, the supply chain is viewed as a mission-critical system. In the very best performing companies, the supply chain is seen as a strategic weapon with which to club the competition and drive shareholder value. As we continue to move out of the global recession and looking to improve our operations, companies should be asking: Are we getting all the necessary intelligence from our supply chain system to make the best decisions for our business?

Spotlight on Warehouse Management and Distribution Centre Automation

Written by Simon Abi Saad
Created: 01 September 2017

WMS & WCS Integration 2.0

The basic function of a warehouse is to provide an efficient means to store inventory and to dispatch ordered goods in a timely manner to the next node in the supply chain, be it adownstream assembly plant, a retail outlet or the point of final consumption.

The Importance of Returns in an Omni Channel World

Written by Michael Badwi
Created: 15 August 2017

What if the colour isn't quite right, is the wrong size or you just don't love it the way you thought you would when you saw it on the website? Return it! Whilst returning goods is as old as selling them, in an Omni-Channel world the availability of simple, convenient, returns options can help keep customers loyal and boost sales whether you're a retailer or a wholesaler.

"Permanent" Storage Locations - The good, the bad and the ugly.

Written by Simon Abi Saad
Created: 14 August 2017

We have witnessed scenarios where order pickers head off to a SKU's "permanent storage" location, at the farthest corners of the warehouse, to pick cases of product to fill shopping orders. The problem here is that pickers are traveling to bulk/reserve locations to perform their picking duties for fast, medium and slow moving items and in addition...

Omni-Channel and Wholesale - Network Visibility is Key

Written by William Sudding
Created: 27 July 2017

Wholesalers know better than most that an efficient supply chain is a competitive advantage, and more often than not their only competitive differentiator is service, so it's always a shame when a product can't be sold, especially when it's in stock, but in the wrong place. When dealing with a wholesaler, getting what you want "now" is critical to satisfying the end customer's requirement, think of a mechanic with a car in for a service or a construction site with no concrete, suddenly it's pretty serious if you can't connect them to their needed item. Disappointed customers won't wait, they'll head straight to the next nearest wholesaler to get what they need with the end result: an...

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